The Lab

The Running Lab offers a variety of services to assist runners achieve their running goals. All services are delivered by Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists highly experienced in running biomechanics, injuries and training programming.

These services are suitable for runners of all levels wishing to improve their technique and running economy whilst also reducing injury risk. Services include:

  • Injury management, training & strength programming
  • Individual running assessments
  • Anti-gravitational treadmill
  • Group running
  • RUNSTRONG strength group for runners.

The Running Lab provides individual sessions with one of our experienced Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists to address your musculoskeletal deficits. Once an in-depth assessment has been carried out, appropriate treatment including hands-on treatment and exercise prescription is provided. Exercise prescription may include rehabilitation exercises or a gym program to address the injury, movement deficits, or to simply build your performance. Furthermore, training programming can be provided to assist building your running load and achieving your running goals.

Injury Management, Training & Strength Programming

Individual Running Assessments

The Running Lab also offers one-on-one running assessments. These assessments are performed by our Running Lab Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who have undergone further training in running technique and management of running injuries.

The 90-minute assessment involves a running-specific musculoskeletal screening to identify risk factors and deficits, as well as a detailed technique assessment in which concerns will be identified and running cues provided to address these issues. To conclude, runners will be provided with specific control and strengthening exercises as well as education to improve running performance and reduce injury risk.

Running assessments with the use of the latest 3DMA technology can be booked at any time at our Dickson Woolley St clinic. Standard running assessments are also provided at both Barton and Weston.

The Running Lab have a leading edge anti-gravitational treadmill at the Dickson Woolley St clinic. The anti-gravitational treadmill reduces the impact of “gravity”, therefore reducing the level of loading on the body. The treadmill can unload a runner down to 20% of their body weight, and then can be gradually increased by 1% increments, all while running to the specific runner’s desired speed (up 30km/hr) and incline (up to 25%).

SportsCare’s anti-gravitational treadmill is great for patients looking to return to running after injury, gain mobility, strength, and fitness, all while achieving an appropriate walking or running gait. Particular beneficial uses include:

  • Runners returning from injury; such as a bone stress or tendinopathy injury
  • Runners wishing to build additional weekly kilometres or work on speed with appropriate gait
  • Post surgery rehabilitation such as post knee or hip replacement.

Anti-Gravitational Treadmill

Group Running

Running Group on Thursday night with Reuben and Dave

No cost – runs for 10 weeks

Do you run to stay fit and healthy? Or are you an elite runner looking to get an edge? Maybe somewhere in between the two?

If so, join our weekly running group! It’s free, fun, and caters to all running interests and goals. We have a team of knowledgeable Physiotherapists ready to help you with your technique and fitness.

There are various class term dates that run throughout the year. The group runs on Thursday nights at the Dickson District Playing Fields on Antill Street from 6pm (location of the Majura Football Club). Sessions run for 60 minutes. Learn more on the group Facebook page.

RUNSTRONG at SportsCare is an evidence based 10 week strength training program for runners. These classes will help you become a faster, stronger, and more efficient runner through targeted run-specific strength exercises.

The structured sessions are designed and run by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who all have extensive experience in high level sport, technique analysis, managing running injuries, and working with runners to optimise their performance.

We offer two levels of classes; beginner and advanced.

RUNSTRONG Strength Group for Runners

Other Services at the Practice

Aside from out extensive services outlines above, runners will still significantly benefit from other services provided at SportsCare & Physiotherapy; including Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiologist led exercise classes, knee strengthening classes, and sports massage.