Physio led exercise classes

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SportsCare and Physiotherapy offers a variety of classes and programs through our Dickson, Weston and Barton clinics. Physio led exercise classes combine physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises, general strength exercises and Pilates style rehabilitation exercises. We run group Mat and Equipment classes. Classes are all physiotherapist led classes with a focus on core strength and general conditioning but can be tailored to your needs/goals. The classes run for 45 minutes and are claimable through your private health fund. All participants must do a quick assessment with a physiotherapist before commencing classes.

We run a balance/mobility class for those that need to improve their balance and get more steady on their feet.

We run a stretching/flexibility class for those feeling a bit tight or wanting to incorporate stretching, foam rolling and self massage into their routine.

Running Lab

Are you a runner, triathlete or multi-sport athlete interested in:

  • run specific strengthening?
  • run specific drills for balance and co-ordination?
  • improving your running form and fitness?

SportsCare and Physiotherapy offers a 10 week small group based program for runners of all levels, triathletes and multi-sport athletes.

The SportsCare and Physiotherapy Run Program is supervised by qualified Physiotherapists. Each week has a different focus; from basic running form to sprinting, and hill and trail running.  Read more about it over in our Running Lab.