Christine has enjoyed her work as a physiotherapist since 1988. She has worked in public hospitals in Sydney, Dubbo and Canberra but has spent the last 20 years working in private practice in Canberra. She enjoys all aspects of physiotherapy but has a special interest in complex rehabilitation, paediatrics, balance and dizziness disorders and thorax and rib problems. She is passionate about partnering with people to see them achieve their goals and is constantly delighted and grateful to them as it is they who continue to teach her and enrich her life.

Areas of Interest

Rib + Thorax Injuries


Paediatric Development


Complex Rehab Needs


Balance and Dizziness DIsorders


Functional Rehab


Clinic Hours

Mon – 8:40am to 5:00pm – Cowper St, Dickson
Wed – 8:00am to 4:00pm – Cowper St, Dickson
Thu – 8:40am to 2:00pm – Cowper St, Dickson