SportsCare and Physiotherapy have adapted the practice to suit the lives of our patients through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Telehealth Appointments

All our clinics are open for regular in-clinic appointments, but for those of you who can no longer physically make it to see our physiotherapists, we are now offering Telehealth.

Telehealth allows you to still get the quality and continuity of care you have come to expect from SportsCare and Physiotherapy. You can still maintain your regular physiotherapist and appointment time from the convenience of your own home. All that you need is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera and connection to the internet.

To find out more information on the process of your telehealth appointment, please visit this information page.

Physio led online exercise classes

SportsCare and Physiotherapy are still offering a variety of classes and programs online. Physio led exercise classes combine physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises, general strength exercises and Pilates style rehabilitation exercises.

Classes are all physiotherapist led with a focus on core strength and general conditioning but can be tailored to your needs/goals. The classes run for 45 minutes and are claimable through your private health fund. All participants must do a quick assessment with a physiotherapist before commencing classes.

Mobility and Flexibility Classes

Maintaining independent function is critical in preserving our health and well-being as we age. The capacity to perform basic physical functions is a central aspect of every health-related quality of life.

At SportsCare and Physiotherapy we ‘CARE’ about the health and physical function of our retired population, therefore the Mobility Class combines education and exercise to improve strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and overall well-being, leading our retired population to an optimal quality of life during the golden years.

We run a balance/mobility class for those that need to improve their balance and get more steady on their feet.

We run a stretching/flexibility class for those feeling a bit tight or wanting to incorporate stretching, foam rolling and self massage into their routine.

Attending Online

All classes with be held over Zoom. Once enrolled you will receive a link. When the class is starting, follow that link to start your virtual class. If you are having technical problems please contact our staff.

The best benefits of SportsCare classes will be maintained. The classes are still lead by trained and qualified professionals, numbers are capped, and personalised individual feedback and help will still be available. Our classes are designed to be goal and outcome focused.

To enrol in a SportsCare and Physiotherapy Class, please contact the appropriate clinic.


Download Timetable

Pricing will remain at current prices. To view costings per class please download the class timetable.

You can download the Sportscare and Physiotherapy online schedule here