Updated Monday 20 September 2021

Allied Health Businesses to continue operation

SportsCare and Physiotherapy clinics (including Hands-On Physiotherapy in Mawson) will continue to operate during the Canberra lockdown from 5pm Thursday 12 August as an essential service.

Clients are allowed to leave home for essential activities such as medical appointments, which includes appointments at SportsCare and Physiotherapy, under the condition that all current restrictions and guidelines are followed.

We are open and vaccinated to help keep our community safe and healthy.

What we are doing in the clinics to help keep our community safe

  1. All eligible staff across all our clinics are vaccinated.
  2. Screening all clients prior to booking appointments.
  3. Using PPE, including gloves, masks, and other equipment as needed.
  4. Disinfecting any contact surfaces or equipment between appointments.
  5. Managing appointment times closely to minimise client overlap.
  6. Ensuring all clients wash or sanitise their hands prior to consultation.
  7. Some group classes are online, while there are 30-minute one-on-one sessions for those who need them. Please contact your clinic for group class updates.
  8. Telehealth consultation options for high-risk patients, those in quarantine, and people who would prefer to stay home.
  9. Appropriate social distancing provisions in our waiting rooms.
  10. Mandatory check in via the CBR Check In app or manually for all clients.

What we are asking our clients to do:

  1. Check In with the CBR Check In app or manually at reception for contact tracing.
  2. Wear a mask in public spaces and inside SportsCare and Physiotherapy clinics, including during your appointment.
  3. Use the hand sanitiser available throughout your visit to maintain good hand hygiene.
  4. Practise social distancing rules (1.5m apart).
  5. Contact your clinic for updates to group classes as some are online and some essential classes are now 30 minute one-on-one sessions for those who need them.
  6. Do not attend if you:
    1. Feel unwell;
    2. Are waiting for a COVID test result;
    3. Visited an exposure site listed by ACT Government;
    4. Are in self-isolation; or
    5. Tested positive for COVID-19 and have not yet fully recovered.

We are encouraging our community to stay healthy during lockdown with regular physical activity, adhering to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, getting vaccinated if you’re eligible, and receiving treatment at our clinics as needed.

Don’t delay treatment, early intervention is best for better and faster outcomes and our clinics are open as an essential service.

Refer to current COVID-19 information from the ACT Government.