ARTyMOTION Exhibition

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Our first ARTyMOTION Exhibition was held on the weekend at O’Connor and our organiser Kathleen Doyle wrote a summary on the successful event.

“SportsCare and Physiotherapy would like to congratulate all of our entrants and winners from this years ARTyMOTION competition.

In our very first competition, we were lucky enough to receive some inventive and thought provoking pieces. The exhibition of the works was Sunday 3rd November, and we were fortunate enough to sell a couple of the artworks for the asking price!

The first prize winner was an ANU university student Ned Bott. He submitted a steel sculpture, based on part of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. The piece highlighted the human heartbeats’ lifespan and therefore engaged the observer in the contemplation of mortality. The artwork was very thoughtfully created and aesthetically pleasing. He received $1000 prize for his efforts.

The second prize winner was a university lecturer, and all round sound scaper, Steven Barrass. He created a very special 3d printed singing bowl, representational of his blood pressure reading over the course of time. A reminder to all that blood pressure is extremely integral in staying healthy.

The third prize went to a very tentative entrant: Grandmother Tanya Brass. With encouragement, Tanya entered several great charcoal and pastel sketches of movement associated with her passion, dancing. Her grandchildren were very pleased and proud to see her work on display at the exhibition.

The fourth prize went to Michael Hartman, who skilfully presented a grey pastel of the human form. His work was a pictorial demonstration of the muscles in a back during stretching. This is a very aesthetically pleasing work of art.

Once again, thank you to all our entrants, and we wish you the best of luck for next year.

Kathleen Doyle”

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